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Endodontic Center of Paducah


Dr. Kevin Kerley

Our Mission

At Endodontic Center of Paducah we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.  We aim to treat teeth conservatively but effectively using the latest in technology to augment our practice.

  • To provide compassionate endodontic care to you.
  • To combine our clinical skill with modern technology while adhering to biologic principles.
  • To provide excellent care with the goal of allowing you to retain your teeth for a lifetime.
Practice Services and Technologies

We provide a full range of endodontic services including, but not limited to:

  • conventional root canal treatment
  • retreatment
  • microsurgery
  • regenerative endodontics
  • dental trauma care
  • for more information see our "What is Endodontics?" page

Our office employs several exciting technologies that allow us to provide you with the highest level of care:

  • Surgical Operating Microscope-provides improved visualization and illumination to aid in conservative treatment of cases with even complex anatomy
  • Digital Photography-digital photographs are taken through the surgical operating microscope to convey treatment details to you and your dentist
  • Digital Radiography-digital radiographs are utilized to provide high quality images that can be manipulated for maximum clincal value all while reducing your exposure to radiation
  • Paperless Office-all office documents are stored and accessed through our secured server also allowing you to register and access all required forms prior to your appointment (256 bit data encryption secures your data, this is the same security used by banks)